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Home Elevator Product

Choose A Home Lift That's Perfect for You

Whatever your need for a home lift may be, we can accommodate all of your requirements; whether you’re looking to install a through-floor lift for accessibility purposes, or if you’re simply looking to increase your property value by giving your home a unique and luxurious feature, Axess2 cover all angles, helping you to enhance your home.

domestic lift is perfect for virtually any home installation. With starting dimensions similar to that of closet space, an eco-friendly design, and energy savings using our innovative lift technology, this residential elevator makes the perfect addition to any household. This modern Leonardo lift is the first of its kind to have its own automatic sliding doors as well as low headroom; with this in mind, this home lift offers low operation costs.

for wheelchair users or as a stylish addition to a home, this is a premium lift that is one of the most configurable in our range.

comes with various customisation options such as side access and electrical emergency lowering; it’s an extremely popular domestic lift. If you need a lift installed that needs very little space, then this is the solution for you. Featuring a foldable platform for use as an attachment to stairs both indoors and outdoors, this non-intrusive and minimally designed home lift is ideal for those wishing for convenient elevation assistance.

Benefit from this lift’s flexibility

Elevator with options to be installed on to either a straight staircase or a staircase with a gradient ranging from 15° to 45°, it’s a highly versatile choice. Its unique design also enables it to stop at a number of access points. There’s no building work required and the lift won’t interfere with existing interior design. Boasting tactile and visual press-and-hold buttons, as well as run-to-hold buttons with key switches, it’s no wonder that this lift is a best-seller.