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Car Elevator Product

Cabin of vehicle lift should be of sufficient size to accommodate a car and of sufficient width to let the passengers door open and leave the parked vehicle.

The cabin should be equipped with 2 control panels placed on the opposite walls and available from the driver’s seat through opened window. Vehicle lift should be equipped with traffic lights located in front of shaft doors and in cabin for steering the movement of cars coming in and leaving.

Vehicle lift must be equipped with emergency system which, in case of power failure (blackout), automatically directs cabin to a stop and fully opens doors to enable free leaving the cabin by a car. Cabin shall be equipped with clear information requesting switching the vehicle’s engine off before ordering lift travel. Distance between closed shaft doors and opposite wall or bulkhead in the building should not be lower than 8,5 meters.

High durability and reliability due to the small number of parts (including rotating ones). Low operating and maintenance cost.Simple and ultra light construction in comparison with other electric and hydraulic vehicle lifts. Exceptionally small size of the lift shaft with respect to the cabin’s dimensions.

Possibility of increasing capacity at constant cabin size.

Central door enabling quick and safe vehicle entering.